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El Topo Cantina Habanero-Chipotle Sauce


Habanero Chipotle Hot Sauce

Of all the wonderful chili peppers that grow in the different reaches of this planet, the Habanero Pepper, a native of Central America, offers a smoky yet unique and savory flavor that we feel makes it the “King of Peppers”. Yet, the Habanero is known almost exclusively for its spiciness, or “heat”, and well-seasoned hot sauce lovers usually have some very hot Habanero sauce within arm’s reach.

At El Topo, we first started using fresh Habanero peppers at our Taqueria decades ago when a customer wanted a “bump” to jazz up a fish taco or an Asada Burrito. When we decided to create a sauce from Habaneros, our mission was to coax the unique flavor from the pepper while keeping the “heat” to a tolerable level. A special cooking process using the freshest ingredients available, (including a couple of Chipotle peppers for some added smokiness) makes this hot sauce a keeper. You will find yourself using it with all kinds of meals… eggs, guacamole, soups, meat dishes, even Bloody Marys or the occasional Popcorn! Yes… popcorn.

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