Food - Rocky Mountain Market



Caramel Cookie Waffles

Delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles (called stroopwafels by the Dutch)


Cream of the West

Montana Grain Cereal & Mix

El Topo Cantina Habanero-Chipotle Sauce

Of all the wonderful chili peppers that grow in the different reaches of this planet, the Habanero Pepper, a native of Central America, offers a smoky yet unique and savory flavor that we feel makes it the “King of Peppers”.

When we decided to create a sauce from Habaneros, our mission was to coax the unique flavor from the pepper while keeping the “heat” to a tolerable level.

Made in Montana

Eric's Wicked Seasoning

A spicy & savory mix of herbs, salts, peppers and spices.

Hi-Country Snack Foods, Inc

Montana Beef Jerky & Pemmican

Spicz Galz

Salsa, veggie dip, fruit dip, drink mix, and grilling rubs

The King's Cupboard

Chocolaty, rich, delicious yet all-natural dessert products.


Tumblewood Teas

Montana Honey