Celebrate Spring at Rocky Mountain Market - Rocky Mountain Market

Celebrate Spring at Rocky Mountain Market

Celebrate Spring at Rocky Mountain Market

Easter Coffee, Huckleberry Lemonade, Kamut… it Must be Spring!

Spring is finally here!  Although with the warm weather we have had lately, it feels like it sprung a month ago.  But don’t let that deter you from celebrating spring with Rocky Mountain Market!

We have a few new products in the store that are sure to help get your springtime adventures started.  And why not start on Easter Weekend by getting the morning going right?


Easter Sunrise Blend Coffee

Easter Coffee for Spring in Red LodgeMystic Monk Coffee out of Powell, Wyoming has created a fantastic new blend made specifically for the Springtime.  The blend was first put to market in 2012, and the popularity was so overwhelming they quickly sold out.  Now, they make sure to roast plenty of these beans to fill the demand.

It has been said that the coffee is “as fresh as an Easter sunrise.”  It’s a medium roast that is bright and floral (that’s coffee speak for “not overwhelmingly bitter”).  A blend of African and South American beans, you have to try this over Easter Weekend.  Or on into the spring.  Or all summer long.  As long as we have it in stock really it must be consumed!


There’s Lemonade for the Warm Afternoons

Huckleberry Lemonade at your Red Lodge Convenience StoreAs spring progresses the mornings will still have a bit of a chill in them, but the afternoons will get downright toasty.  Well, if you consider 72 degrees to be toasty; living in Montana, we sure do!  But we have the perfect remedy for your afternoon of fun in the sun.  But this isn’t any old lemonade made from powdered sugar, this is Huckleberry Lemonade!

The good folks at Gourmet Innovations in Idaho have created gourmet Huckleberry Lemonade.  It’s light, it’s crisp, it’s refreshing, and it will leave you coming back for more.  Words cannot describe how amazingly tasty this lemonade is, so all we can say is, “stop in and grab one!”


Kamut for the Munchies

Kracklin Kamut all organic in Red LodgeNear the town of Big Sandy, Montana, with their overflowing population of 600 folks, the ancient Kamut™ grains are grown.  These are organic, non-GMO, crispily cooked in hi-oleic safflower oil, and lightly seasoned with sea salt from ancient caves in Utah.  Just describing them makes us hungry.

You may be wondering what in the world Kamut™ is.  And why is it trademarked?  It turns out that Kamut™ is the brand name for an ancient variety of wheat.  It was long forgotten until in the late 80’s the founder of Kracklin Kamut “reinvented” it.  Now everyone is able to enjoy this grain that’s high in protein and makes for an awesome snack.


Stop in On Your Way Through Town

Red Lodge is a happening town in the spring time.  As the mountain winds down the ski season, people are putting away their boards and planks and busting out their trail running shoes and their rock climbing gear.  Here are a few great things coming up that you can do.


Mini Monster Rail Jam – March 26th

On Saturday, Red Lodge Mountain will be holding their Mini Monster Jam.  It’s a great way to get your young skier or snowboarder started on hucking some major air.  It’s free too!  Well, you have to pay for a lift ticket.  Registration is between 8am and 10am, and the Jam starts at 12:30.  Hit up the RLM website for details.


Red Lodge Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt – March 26th

On Saturday before Easter, the Red Lodge Lions Club has an Easter Egg hunt!  It’s free for those ages 0 to age 12.  And if you know children, you know that the egg hunt starts right at Noon, and it finishes at 12:02PM.  Show up to Lions Park a little early so you don’t miss out!

Check out the Lions Club page for the contact details on this fun one for the youngsters.


Peaks to Prairie – April 24th

Ok, so this one is still about a month away, but if you haven’t started training yet, well you might not make it.  Every year the Peaks to Prairie Adventure Race has people running, pedaling and paddling in an effort to be the first across the finish line!

Peaks to Prairie is fun for all ages to watch, but only the best athletes will have hopes of finishing first.