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Crisps, Cheese, Sweets and More

Crisps, Cheese, Sweets and More

Valentine's Day in Red Lodge, MontanaEvery year toward the end of January men across the country begin to panic. They realize that Valentine’s Day is coming up in the next couple of weeks, and they haven’t even thought about what to get their sweetheart. Most will inevitably forget again until February 13th, and then in a panic run out to grab what remains of the heart shaped box of chocolates at the corner store.

Don’t be that guy.

This year, plan ahead just a little, and get some fantastic sweets for your sweet from Rocky Mountain Market in Red Lodge. We carry a huge lineup of healthy snacks, delightful treats, organic sweets, and other goodies (some you can eat, others you cannot).


34 Degree Crisps

34 Deg Crisps healthy snacks34 degrees inspires visions of cold weather. But we aren’t talking about temperature here. Instead, 34 degrees South is the latitude of Sydney, Australia. That is the locale where the founder of 34 Degrees was first inspired to seek out the joys of food and wine pairing. He discovered an Australian cuisine called crispbread. He loved it so much that he brought it back to the states, and started a company making these delightful little crackers in a bakery outside of Denver.

So what makes these different from the oodles of crackers on the store shelves? Three things really. First, they are all natural and healthy. You can eat 9 of them before you consume a serving, and it’s a mere 50 calories. Second, they are packed with flavor. 34 Degrees only has perfected the art of putting flavor onto crispbread. Third, they were designed for pairing with cheese. They compliment the cheese without stealing the show.

Grab a bit of cheese, a couple boxes of crisps, and you have your pre-Valentine’s Day dinner hors d’oeuvres all set.


Can You Fondue?

Emmi Fondue in Red LodgeWho doesn’t love a fondue party? Perhaps those who have never had one before, but those who have know the fun. You get tiny forks that have long handles; you dunk fruit, bread, and meats into hot oils, cheeses, and chocolates. Everyone eats way too much, but you feel like you haven’t eaten anything.

Now you can impress your guests at your next fondue party with some of the most delicious fondue cheese available. But you don’t have to go through the hassle. Just pick up a pack of Emmi Fondue cheese blend, add ¾ cup of dry white wine, and you have the perfect cheese dip!

Emmi Traditional Cheese Blend mixes natural Emmentaler and Gruyere cheeses to make the creamiest, tastiest, cheesiest fondue you will ever lay eyes (or taste buds) on.


Sweets for your Sweets

What Valentine’s Day would be complete without an overindulgence of chocolate? And if you’re going to indulge, you might as well indulge with the best there is.

From now until Valentine’s Day, we are offering 10% off sweets that come from Queen Bee Gardens. Come on into the store, tell them you read this blog entry, and you can enjoy 10% off your order of delicious truffles. Come February 1st we will have four packs available, and they are quite possibly the most amazing chocolates you will ever put in your mouth. Seriously, look at these things. They taste even better than they look.

Sweets from Queen Bee Gardens

Upcoming Events in Red Lodge

What blog post telling about the amazing new products we are carrying would be complete without a list of reasons to come to Red Lodge, Montana? Well the problem is there aren’t any major events going on until the end of February. So here are a few fun activities.

Dinner on Main Street – Main Street Red Lodge is lined with amazing shops, and delightful restaurants. You can class it up at a place like the Pollard, or hit up Bogart’s for a nice family friendly place. Either way, you’re going to get a great meal. When you’re done, send the family over to the candy store while you pop into Rocky Mountain Market and pick up some Valentine’s Day goodies.

Ski Red Lodge Mountain – Red Lodge Mountain is always a great time. Plenty of snow, ample lift space, and some steep runs. Come after a fresh dumping and get some first turns in the powder. Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate in the lodge, and then hit it hard for the afternoon. We’re open until 8pm, so you can pick up goodies for the ride home.

Go SnoBiking – Yes, it’s a thing. Get out a fat tired bike, and rip along roads and other snow packed areas. If you want to wait until February 21st, there is a SnoBike Rodeo going on along the West Fork Road. It’s about 12.5 miles, and a $10 entry fee. If you’re not into entry fees, there is a 5k fun ride. Free chili served from Rocket. Check out more on the Red Lodge site.