Everyone Deserves a Treat from RMM - Rocky Mountain Market

Everyone Deserves a Treat from RMM

Everyone Deserves a Treat from RMM

Treat at Rocky Mountain MarketWe are rapidly approaching the holiday season. You know that time of year when everyone indulges on all the things they have sworn off. Where they gorge on turkey, mashed potatoes, mead, and sweets. That time of year where the calories don’t really count. That entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas where it is cold outside, and evenings are spent in ugly sweaters around the fireplace. Yes, it’s a magical time of year. This year, let’s make sure those uncountable calories are coming from nature and not a refinery.


A Treat from Queen Bee Gardens

In Lovell, Wyoming, a mere 70 miles from Red Lodge, Montana, there is a shop on Main Street. That shop, which goes by the moniker Queen Bee Gardens, carries a wide assortment of delicious treats. But these aren’t just like any old treat.

Candy Shop in Red Lodge

They are smooth caramels, toffee, and turtles. They combine honey, chocolate, fruits, and nuts. The smooth milk chocolate melts in your mouth, and the dark chocolate provides a satisfying snap. There are truffles and honey candies. Everything that any sweet tooth could ever desire. Best of all, they are made from all natural ingredients. No worries about dangerous preservatives, no fear of gluten (no products contain gluten, however, the company hasn’t been certified gluten free quite yet), and no worries that you’re getting an inferior chocolate.

Buy Candy in Red LodgeHow does Queen Bee Gardens keep their products fresh without preservatives? They use honey. It’s a natural preservative, it’s sweet, and it’s good for you!

You don’t have to drive to Lovell to get a sampling of what Queen Bee offers. We carry a variety of their products right here in our store on Main Street in Red Lodge.


Clothing Options

Red Lodge Outdoor ClothingRocky Mountain Market knows that Red Lodge is not clothing optional. Especially in the winter. But we do have clothing options.

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the DOPHM headwear. They are amazingly warm, and despite the cold weather that will be creeping in over the next few months, your head is going to stay toasty in one of these.

But you still need a comfy sweater for those evenings around the fireplace. And you’ll need gloves and mittens for the upcoming Red Lodge Christmas Stroll. We have a variety of clothing options, and since clothing isn’t optional, you might as well get something crafted in the Rocky Mountain region.


Upcoming Events in Red Lodge, Montana

Winter in Red Lodge is a magical time. Located at the base of the Beartooth Mountains we get cold and we stay cold. That means when the snow comes, it stays. We transform into the quintessential mountain town; the perfect setting for a variety of winter events.


Red Lodge SkiingRed Lodge Ski Swap

Ski season is coming up. We mentioned this in our last post, but we want to mention it again. So, in case you missed it: the Red Lodge Ski Swap is this weekend! Check in on November 13 if you have something that you are planning to sell, or come to the sale on November 14th to see all the great gear. Don’t try to get in before 11AM. The rough and tumble bouncers are standing guard on those doors.



Red Lodge Turkey TrotRed Lodge Turkey Trot

The Great American Smoke-out, designed to help people snuff the tobacco forever, is partially benefitted by the Turkey Trot. Meet at the county building at the fairgrounds, and then walk or run the Airport Loop. The run starts and ends at the 4-H building. No charge for the run, but please bring a non-perishable food item for Bare Tooth Cupboards (Rocky Mountain Market is a great place to find food items!).



Red Lodge MountainRed Lodge Mountain Opens

In Red Lodge there are two seasons: Ski season and not ski season. Just barely over two weeks from now, ski season begins. We don’t need to tell you how much fun this time of year is, you know that carving through the powder, hucking off cliffs, and shredding the gnar are all parts of winter. Friday. November 27th. First chair. Red Lodge Mountain.


Can’t make it to Red Lodge? No worries. Check out our online shop.