Grab a Few Craft Brews before Your Next Adventure - Rocky Mountain Market

Grab a Few Craft Brews before Your Next Adventure

Grab a Few Craft Brews before Your Next Adventure

Rocky Mountain Market Now Carries Beer

Montana is rapidly becoming known as the Napa Valley for Craft Beer. With good reason too! Here in the state we have more small breweries (per capita) than just about anywhere else in the country. But just because it’s a small brewery doesn’t automatically mean good beer. Good beer comes with trial and error, paying attention to science, and knowing what you’re doing.

These three breweries know what they’re doing. So the next time you’re passing through Red Lodge, swing by Rocky Mountain Market for your healthy snacks, outdoor gear, and a six pack of one of these great beers.


Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company

Craft Beer in Red LodgeRed Lodge Ales has long been a staple for fine craft brews. Unfortunately the Montana law says they can only serve drinks between some rather restricted hours. If you want to have a picnic on top of the Beartooths, you can’t get a beer from them in the morning.

That is why you can come to us. In our store we now carry these fine brews from Red Lodge Ales:

Bent Nail IPA – Ask any local what the IPA of the region is, and they will tell you it’s bent nail. This beer combines the perfect hop/malt balance.

Glacier Altbier – An altbier is not quite a pale and not quite an amber. It’s an easy drinking, thirst quenching brew that goes well with an après ski/hike/climb/mountain time relaxation.

Jacks 90 Scottish – The scotch ale/Scottish ale revolution has swept through Montana. And Red Lodge Ales was there the whole way with this fantastic malty Scottish.

BeerCzech-Mate Pilsner – The weather is warming up, and that means light beers. Light on the palate that is. Nothing goes better under the hot sun than this cool and smooth pilsner.

Hunt for Red Oaktober – Take a German amber, and age it in bourbon barrels. The result is a bourbon barrel aged, red lager that is bursting with flavor. Limited time only for this specialty beer.

Dos Goatees Doppelbock – A doppelbock is a smooth beer that’s similar to an altbier. But instead of an ale, it’s a lager. Smooth on the tongue and smooth to finish, you’ll want to only enjoy one of these 7.5% ABV kickers.


Madison River Brewing Company

Outdoor Gear Shop Red LodgeThe Madison River is one of the premier fly fishing destinations in Montana. Every summer people flock from all over the world to catch trout from this crystal clear mountain river. And that is why Madison River Brewing Company set up shop in Belgrade.   We carry their fine beers, such as:

Salmon Fly Honey Rye – Take malted barley and add a bit of rye. Hop it up, and include a sweet honey for finish and what do you get? A beer that has a bit, a bitter, a smooth, and a sweet.

Copper John Scotch Ale – Scotch ales are known for their rich caramel malts, smooth finish, and belly warming drinkability. At 7% ABV, it’s one of the heftier beers Madison River makes.


Bozeman Brewing Company

Craft BrewBozone beers have been distributing fine craft brews to Montana for nearly all of the 21st century. But the brewmaster had been brewing long before that. Today this company creates amazing craft brews that any beer connoisseur can get behind. Beers like:

Pilot Peak GuitarsPlum Street Porter – Plum Street in Bozeman is considered eclectic and eccentric. This porter blends 7 malts, a bit of chocolate, some subtle hops, and is a smooth eclectic and eccentric porter.

Hopzone IPA – One of the hoppier beers out there that still manages to balance things out with some great malts. Hop heads rejoice when they see this beer in the cooler.

Bozone Amber Ale – Bozeman Brewing Company’s flagship beer. It has a medium body, just a touch of hoppy bitterness, and is made with a bunch of Montana grown malts.


Grab a Cold One

Beer drinking isn’t about sitting around in a dirty basement pounding down cheap beer. Beer drinking is about exploring Montana, tasting the beer for what the beer is (and how it is made), and enjoying the company of good friends. Red Lodge is base camp to a ton of great hikes, ski areas, climbing locales, and campgrounds. Before you hit the trails (or whatever else) pick up supplies, and a cold one. Just be safe: don’t drink and drive. Everything in moderation.


Upcoming Events in Red Lodge

What would our blog posts be without telling you the upcoming events in Red Lodge? They would be incomplete, that’s what! Without further ado, here are a few things that you can participate in after you stop by the store and grab some healthy snacks.

St. Paddy’s Day Celebration – March 17th

Every year the city of Red Lodge celebrates all things green! Everyone is welcome to attend the parade through downtown (starts at 5:30) and a traditional dinner of corned beef and cabbage (starts at 6pm) at the Elks Lodge. Dancing, bag pipes, music, and green beer.

Tribute to Frank Sinatra – March 11th

The Rock Creek Resort (Old Piney Dell Restaurant and Bar) is hosting a special dinner. It’s a culinary tribute to Frank Sinatra featuring favorites from that era. It’s dinner, it’s wine, it’s music, it’s a ton of fun. It’s also $54 per person, and seating is limited. Call 446-1111 to reserve your spot, and check out the Rock Creek Resort page for details.

Spring Skiing

Red Lodge Mountain won’t be open for much longer (closing day is April 3rd). But spring is generally the best time to ski! With spring storms that can dump a ton of snow, have your gear ready to go when the forecast is calling for a dumping.