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Let’s get some Flapjacks!

Let’s get some Flapjacks!

Remember the 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray? There’s a scene in that movie where he’s driving around with a couple of locals after a night at the bar, and they get pulled over by the police. Murray’s character rolls down his window and places an order as though he’s at the drive through; his new friend from the backseat calls out, “and some flapjacks!”

What’s that have to do with Rocky Mountain Market? We just got in some amazing new products from Baker Mills. One product is called Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix. As soon as we saw “flapjack” that scene from Groundhog Day came to mind.


How about some Flapjacks?

FlapjacksBest pancakes in Red Lodge


This product is how Baker Mills made a name for themselves. Based in Park City, Utah, these guys (or perhaps gals) came up with one of the best pancake mixes around. 100% whole grain wheat and oats, a bit of honey, a few other ingredients commonly found in pancakes, and you have a mixture that has no added fat, sugar, or cholesterol. Simply add water, and pour onto the griddle to be enjoying the best pancakes, or flapjacks, or simply just cakes, that you have ever had before.

Looking for something without the wheat? We have a gluten free version too. Made with whole grain oat flour, all you have to do is add milk.


Fresh Baked Muffins Daily

Awesome flapjacks may be their signature product, but Baker Mills has some other great things as well. Take for instance, the minute muffin.

These muffins are packed full of fiber, protein, and whole grains. They provide energy that will stick with you all morning. But wait, they’re not actually muffins. Not yet at least.

You see, when you purchase them, they are just the dry ingredients. You have to add water, then pop them in the microwave for a minute, and you have a fresh backed muffin. They come in blueberry, double chocolate, apple cinnamon oat, and pumpkin dark chocolate flavors.

And who said making a healthy breakfast was hard?

Quick healthy breakfast ideas

Unleash the Granola!

Actually, it’s called Granola Unleashed. The good folks at Baker Mills took the minute muffin concept, and combined it with healthy granola. The result is that you get a breakfast to go in under a minute.

Granola Unleashed comes in a microwavable cup and contains all-natural granola. You can put in some water and zap it for 40 seconds for hot granola, or leave it cold for instant breakfast (splash in some milk if that’s your thing, it makes it creamier). What we love to do is dollop on some vanilla Greek yogurt for an added protein burst.

Granola Unleashed comes in 3 delicious flavors: French vanilla almond, Vermont maple pecan, and wild blueberry flax. We can’t decide which one we like the most.

Healthy granola

Things Going on in Red Lodge

We have new products coming in the door all the time. And we should still have all of your favorites from the last time you were in (unless we sold out and we’re busy ordering more). When you’re in town for these great events, don’t forget to stop in and see what’s on the shelves!

Ullrfest – In Norse Mythology Ullr (pronounced Oooler) was the winter god. He loved the cold, and he travelled all over on skis or skates. Anything for a party! Ullrfest is on January 9th, and there is a free keg of Ullrfest Winter Lager, a big old bonfire, and Viking music! It’s hosted by Red Lodge Ales, check out their Facebook page for details. This is going to be fun.

Red Lodge Mountain Town Series Races – The Mountain Town Series is a great way to get out there and show off your skiing or boarding skills. On January 15th the event kicks off with qualifying rounds and evening parties. Check out more info on the Red Lodge Mountain page.

Ice Fishing – The lakes are frozen over, and that means the fish are hungry! There are quite a few lakes near Red Lodge (Cooney Reservoir if you want to venture back toward the plains) that don’t get fished much in the winter. You may have to snowshoe into them, but fishing these lakes on a winter day is a ton of fun.

Ice fishing Wild Bill Lake