Rocky Mountain Market and Pilot Peak Under One Roof - Rocky Mountain Market

Rocky Mountain Market and Pilot Peak Under One Roof

Rocky Mountain Market and Pilot Peak Under One Roof

We have a sister store called Pilot Peak Music. That store used to be located across the street and down a couple blocks, and was dedicated entirely to music. It was there that you could find the famous luthier Justin Satterfield. Justin can repair basically any instrument that has strings, and he is the only luthier in the area.

To make a long story short, we have decided to combine Rocky Mountain Market and Pilot Peak into the same store. Now you can grab all your favorite healthy snacks, delicious teas, handcrafted goodies, and your musical merchandise all under the same roof. Want an awesome Teton Guitar? We have them displayed above the outdoor products. Need some new strings? Look just left of the dairy cooler. Want to watch Justin work his magic? He’s been banished to the basement. We jest. Mostly.

Pilot Peak Music in Red Lodge

Want to know more about the great things happening at Rocky Mountain Market in Red Lodge? We have a ton of great healthy snacks coming in all the time. Here are a few of the latest.


Meatballs! We Got the Meatballs!Meatballs from Bugoni's

Actually we have more than just meatballs from Bugoni’s. We have a whole assortment of spiced meats including bratwursts, meatballs, and more.

Bugoni’s Sausages hails from Missoula, Montana. Specializing in gourmet sausages, they exclusively use Montana raised pork and bison, and have created a sausage that is so flavorful, you will wonder how you went so many years eating anything else.

We have a great selection in the store, along with some Bugoni’s meatballs. If you have to choose just one, we suggest start with the meatballs, and get sausages next time you come in.


It’s Barbecue Season

Becky's Berries BBQ SauceWith as warm as the weather has been lately, it feels like we should be out barbecuing. And we should, who says you have to stick by what the calendar says?

This barbecue season, let’s change things up a little. Instead of grabbing a 99 cent bottle of hickory smoke flavor barbecue liquid, how about something packed with so many flavors your tongue won’t know which way to go?

Becky’s Berries, produced in nearby Absarokee, has a ton of great berry related products. One new one that we just got in the store recently is 406 Chokecherry Barbecue Sauce. If you have ever had chokecherries, you know that they add a zing to any dish. Combine them with BBQ, and you have quite possibly the perfect sauce for those who want a little tart sweetness for their meats.


Valentine’s Day TrufflesQueen Bee Chocolate Truffles

We recently talked about Queen Bee Truffles. We didn’t get in the four packs of truffles like we expected, but we did get these amazing heart shaped truffle boxes. You get a smattering of what Queen Bee offers, all packaged into a delightful heart shaped box.

Don’t worry guys; Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday. That means you have Friday evening and Saturday to visit and pick up the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Remember to mention this post and you get an additional 10% off your Queen Bee goodies (good until Valentine’s Day)!


Upcoming Events in Red Lodge, Montana

Despite the warm weather, winter activities are still in a full swing around these parts; especially up on the mountain! Here are a few winter activities you can partake in:


Triple Jump Jackpot – February 20thSnowboard Red Lodge Mountain

Head up to Red Lodge Mountain on the 20th for the Triple Jump Jackpot. It’s a tradition steeped in big air, rad tricks, and epic crashes! It costs $10 to enter, you absolutely must wear a helmet, and get ready to have a blast! This is the second part in a three part series, so if you missed the first one, you can’t take home the grand prize. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Learn more on Red Lodge Mountain’s website.


Survival Full Moon Ski – February 20th

So maybe hucking yourself off huge snow banks isn’t your thing. We get it; most of us aren’t 22 years old anymore. Instead, how about a relaxing “moonwalk” with Jon Trapp of the Red Lodge Search and Rescue at the Red Lodge Nordic center? He will be talking about winter survival tips, leading a cross country ski tour, and giving the talk around the campfire. Call the Beartooth Ranger District to learn more: 406-446-2103.


SnoBike Rodeo – February 21st

We mentioned this in our last post, but thought it was too good to leave out on this one. The SnoBike Rodeo is an annual event where contestants race their fat tire bikes around the West Fork Road. It’s about 12.5 miles and has a $10 entry fee. Not up for biking? Don’t have a SnoBike? No worries, come and watch for free! Check the Facebook page for details.