Rocky Mountain Market is in the Spirit of Giving - Rocky Mountain Market

Rocky Mountain Market is in the Spirit of Giving

Rocky Mountain Market is in the Spirit of Giving

Here at Rocky Mountain Market, we have a few loves. We love organic, healthy snacks. We love locally sourced goods. We love the Rocky Mountain region. And we love giving away samples of the products that we carry in the stores.

This holiday season, we are doing just that. We are in the spirit of giving away some of the coolest products that we have. And they can be yours really easily.


Montana, Wyoming, and Rocky Mountain Gift PacksRocky Mountain Gift Pack

You may remember a couple weeks ago when we wrote about our gift packs. They make fantastic gifts, especially for those who don’t live nearby. You can order them on our website (head to the home page for quick access), or you can come to the store.

But let’s say you just want one for yourself. There’s no harm in that! Until the middle of the month, we are giving away a FREE gift pack (shipping included). All you have to do is LIKE the Rocky Mountain Market Facebook page, and SHARE the post that tells about the giveaway! Both are hyperlinked for your convenience.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!


The World’s LARGEST Christmas Stocking

World's Largest StockingThere are some big Christmas stockings out there. But this one is huge. It’s 8 feet tall and packed full of goodies (including a Justin Bieber board game!). The value if you bought everything separately: over $150!

This stocking can be yours. Free. No charge, no nothing. In fact, we only have 2 of them available, and we are giving them both away! Here’s the catch though: we can’t ship this thing. So you have to come by the store and pick it up if you win it.

There are two ways to enter (actually 4 if you count both stores). First, you can come into Rocky Mountain Market and enter your name into the drawing, and then head over to Pilot Peak Music and enter the drawing for the other stocking. You can enter every day until our drawing at noon on the 19th.

The other way to win is to enter through Facebook. Head over to the Rocky Mountain Market post and hit “LIKE” to be entered. Every day that picture will show up, so hit like again and we’ll record your name to be entered yet another time!

In the spirit of givingThen, as long as you’re liking things, head to the post on the Pilot Peak Music page. You can enter that drawing every day too! Just leave a comment on the post each day, and you’ll get as many entries as you leave comments (only one per day, so don’t flood the post with comments!).

If you want to win some totally awesome things, then these are about the easiest contests you could possibly enter. Go enter real quick, then come back and finish reading. We’ll wait (but only because we’re in the spirit of giving… and being patient).


Upcoming Events in Red Lodge

Here at Rocky Mountain Market, we’re all about healthy snacks, awesome local products, amazing art, and getting out and about in the community. We had about 300 million people come through the door during the Christmas Stroll; it was great!

Here are a few more things to do in the next couple of weeks.


7th Annual Holiday Bazaar

The Arts Guild is hosting its 7th annual Holiday Bazaar. They display original, locally made gifts with a large selection of fine crafts from the most popular artists and craftsmen. Hosted at the Carbon County Arts Guild at 11 West 8th St, normal winter hours apply (10-5 Monday – Saturday; 12-5 on Sunday). It’s free to browse.


“It’s a Wonderful Life”

On Sunday December 20th, the Roman Theater will be showing “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The ultimate classic Christmas movie starring Jimmy Stewart will be shown, free of charge, this one time only. Just bring a non-perishable food item for the Baretooth Cupboards food bank, and you get to enjoy the quintessential Christmas movie.


Naturally, Red Lodge Mountain is available for your skiing needs. Just stop by after you’re done and grab some organic beef jerky to boost your protein levels as you drive home!  Don’t forget to register to win, while we’re still in the spirit of giving!