Want the Best Oil Around? Rocky Mountain Market Carries It! - Rocky Mountain Market

Want the Best Oil Around? Rocky Mountain Market Carries It!

Want the Best Oil Around? Rocky Mountain Market Carries It!

We are only about a week from 2016. That means people are in the throes of their holiday celebrations, and mere days from starting their New Year’s resolutions. Around the country, millions will have the resolution to be happier and healthier in 2016. It’s a noble goal, and something that we can help with. We provide you with some fantastic products that are all organic, natural, and fair trade. Here is what we have that are new.

The Oil Barn

The Oil Barn Safflower Oil

The Oil Barn logoWhen it comes to cooking oils, they are not all created equal. There are many that are downright bad for you. Safflower Oil from the Oil Barn is not one of those oils!

Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant. This oil is all natural, low temperature, expeller crushed. Leaving you with hi-oleic acid oil that is grown, extracted, and produced without bleaches or chemicals right here in Montana.

So what does all of that mean? It means you are left with oil that maintains stability at a high heat. You get an oil that is packed full of anti-oxidants, maintains its integrity, and is a full flavor oil. By skipping the chemicals, this oil keeps the natural smells and tastes that should be found in cooking oil.

It’s great for sautéing, deep frying, baking, and more.


Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk CoffeeRoasted in Powell, Wyoming, Mystic Monk has some of the best coffee you will ever taste. Plus, their logo is really stinking cool! We are carrying two new blends of Mystic Monk; you never know when they will sell out, so get yours the next time you’re in Red Lodge!

Midnight Vigils Blend Mystic Monk CoffeeHermits Bold Blend: Combining Arabica beans from Indonesia and Central America, the Hermits Bold Blend is the liveliest of Mystic Monk’s extra dark roasts. What does it mean to be a lively coffee? There are those that go down smooth and easy, then there are the lively ones that play on your taste buds. You get a variety of flavors and you’re left wanting another sip because you need to find the rest of those tastes.

Midnight Vigils Blend: Using only fair trade organic beans, the Midnight Vigils Blend combines South and Central American coffees. The result is the best extra dark coffee you have ever laid taste buds on. You will admire the smoothness, and if you’re like us you will wonder how you made it through previous winters without this coffee.


Things to do in Red Lodge

Silver Falls near Red LodgeWe have received a ton of snow lately. And you know what that means. That’s right. Slippery roads. Be careful when you drive to Red Lodge, and take your time if the roads aren’t dry.

When you’re here, you have a lot of options. While walking down Main Street and checking out all of the great shops is a given (plus the fantastic restaurants), here are a few more things to do in Red Lodge this winter.

Ski at Red Lodge Mountain – Need we say more? We have fantastic skiing almost right out our back door.

Hike to Greenough LakeGreenough isn’t REALLY a hike. It’s a mere quarter of a mile. But if the snow is deep it can feel like a hike.

Hike to Silver Falls – If you truly want a hike (we recommend snowshoes or cross country skis), then head up the Lake Fork trail and travel the 3 miles (or so) to Silver Falls. It’s worth the trek!

Cross Country Ski – There are a ton of places to cross country ski near Red Lodge. You can check out the Red Lodge Nordic Center if you want a place with groomed trails. Or head up toward Wild Bill Lake and ski the road past the barricade.

Bring in the New Year – The Pollard is hosting live music and dancing. Dinner is served from 5pm to 9pm, and then music goes until 1am. Stop by for all or part of the festivities.


Of course you’ll need healthy snacks for the drive home. So stop on in!